Weather Taormina

weather taormina

Weather  Taormina in with no doubt one of the reasons why thousands of Tourists choose our beautiful Island for their summer holidays.

But which is the right season ? When weather conditions are not to hot or to cool ? Here is a summery of weather Taormina :

The island’s mountains and Etna generate many climate variations, all, of course, depending on altitude and  from northwest prevailing winds. The southeastern regions are generally drier and warmer than the northwestern, and the southeastern coast is usually more “quite”.

From June through September, weather Taormina is hot and dry with plenty of sunshine, excellent to spend days at the beach. The average high temperature is already at 23°C in June and then rises to 26°C in July and August before dropping to 24°C in September. Nights are also very warm, the average low temperatures ranges  from 15°C to 19°C, which allows you pleasant evening walks in one of the island’s most beautiful town, Taormina.

The heat, especially in the peak summer months of July and August, can be a little bit uncomfortable, but a dip in the warm sea or a trip up into the green hills provides instant relief.

The water temperature gets up to 27°C in August, which is more than comfortable enough for everyone to swim. In July and September, the Mediterranean Sea is 25°C warm on average.

Clouds generally avoid the coast, allowing around 13 to 14 glorious hours of sunshine per day for most of the season; September is slightly cloudier, but still has 11 sunshine hours.

Rainfall is exceptionally rare, falling only briefly in the hills. June and July are the driest months in the year, receiving only 10mm in each month. August gets 17mm of precipitation, while September’s 28mm indicates that the weather is slowly moving towards the wetter autumn and winter seasons.

Southwestern areas are sometimes terrorised by spells of intense heat and aridity when the sirocco wind blows up from the Sahara. The sirocco can sometimes carry sand with it, covering large areas in dust and veiling the sky in a thin haze.


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