Mapo - Chinotto

Hybrid fruit that comes from the intersection of mandarin and grapefruit fully reflects the intersection between the sensations of relaxation and well-being with its sober and particular Sicilian-style environments characterized by its harmonious colors due to the choice of colors in wooden furniture specially painted green to reflect nature. Fully enriched with all services in order to make you live a holiday to the fullest. The studio has a patio to have lunch outdoors in a relaxing area where you can enjoy the warm and sunny Sicilian days. Ideal for both couples and business trips.
Here is another Sicilian fruit plant the Chinotto. It is our second studio apartment at the Citrus Residence, the feeling is that of being immersed in the heart of Sicily. The spacious and bright environment is aimed at couples who want to fully enjoy Taormina. It has superior services and the air-conditioned environment will make your stay even more comfortable.

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Studio With Terrace


with its many beneficial properties is also a very generous fruit.
With a medium / large size, cedar is a citrus fruit very typical within the Mediterranean. The "CEDRO" studio apartment is divided into two floors and offers ample space in which to rest without giving up any comfort. The apartment, in fact, has a splendid private terrace with sunbeds, tables and chairs, where you can relax or eat outside in an unspoilt location.

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One Bedroom

Mandarino - Pompelmo - Bergamotto

The taste of Sicilian mandarins is more accentuated, clear and determined. They have an unmistakable uniqueness and aroma, that's why we created the first bifocal of Residence degli Agrumi. Our proposal accentuates Sicilian "Mandarin" originates with clearly defined spaces. The private balcony and warm furnishings will frame your living room.

Grapefruit is a hybrid with a curious history. The first information available on this fruit, dating back to around 1750, describes it as an original cross between the Barbados islands between pomelo, Citrus maxima, and orange. The second bifocal showcases its fairytale environment to best express the feeling of home. The apartment in addition to all the category services has a private balcony where you can spend hours of healthy relaxation.
Fruit of health and prince of citrus fruits, Bergamot grows and bears fruit along the Costa dei Gelsomini, it is only in this narrow strip of land in the heart of Magna Grecia, in fact, that the ideal conditions for the production of this fruit are created. Third bifocal of the "Bergamotto" family has a patio, optimising
the spaces which undoubtedly will be a corner of life for your holiday.

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Two-Bedroom Apartment

Arancia - Limone

Three-room apartments:

Do you know the land where lemons bloom, where gold oranges sparkle over brown foliage? "Wilhelm Meister of Hoethe".
Each place has its own particular allure, a soul that defines its essence.
Equipped with every comfort and furnished according to a concept study, each apartment enhances the experience.
You will feel welcomed in a refined oasis of comfort that best reflects the savoir vivre of a place of undoubted charm.
There is also a private balcony where you can spend hours of peace.

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Suite One Bedroom Apartment

Corso Umberto (Taormina Center)


Building separate from the citrus residence complex, the suite is the ideal solution for those seeking privacy in a refined and stylish environment.
Its character, its peculiarity and the Sicilian style refers to the warmth and scents of the earth where the brightness and colors have strong and warm nuances.

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